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How to translate the app by using ETranslate?

At the moment, you can translate the Cookie bar & Preferences popup with ETranslate in the following way:

Follow the instructions from How to translate the app by using metafields?.
Once you have completed the steps there, the texts fields of the app should be visible in ETranslate's Metafields section:

As for the Compliance pages, if you are subscribed to any of our paid plans, you now have the option to translate the GDPR and APPI Compliance pages automatically from the Translation tab of the app, as shown here:

If you are a Free Plan user, you can translate them manually in ETranslate by following the below steps:

Navigate to ETranslate > Translation > Pages and select the page that you want to translate.

Use the option for Auto translate the content to the corresponding language you set up, as shown below:

As you can see, once you translate the page, the ETranslate is changing the HTML elements of the page as well, which is making all it's functionalities unavailable. In order to fix this you would need to follow the below steps:

Switch the view of the translated page in ETranslate to HTML by clicking on the Source Code button there. Once you have the HTML view, select the content from the opening till the closing "< style >" tag, and delete it, as shown in the screenshots below:

Than navigate to the original Compliance page you are translating from your store admin, and from the HTML view copy the original < style > part to replace the one you removed from the translated page, as shown below:

The above two steps need to be repeated for the < script > part in the HTML view of the translated page as well. A reference on this can be checked in screenshots below:

NOTE: In regards to the above actions, when deleting the old and pasting the original code in the HTML, that should be including the opening and the closing tags.

Updated on: 25/08/2023

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