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Pro_legacy plan - deprication

If you are running our Pro_legacy plan, at the moment, the app settings will not be available to you.
The Pro Legacy Plan was deprecated on the 29th of December 2023 and will no longer be supported by our solution due to incompatibility with the latest Shopify standards.

The thing is that it is a very old plan that no longer complies with Shopify’s standards for quality and performance.

That is why we are recommending a transition to the equivalent Enterprise plan which not only aligns with the latest standards but also offers unlimited app impressions and has much more to offer on the features front, like:

Cookie Information Panel
Google Translation Integration
Bots & Crawlers Blocking
Reset Consent (Fully & Partially)
Cookie Bar Widget
Automatic and On Demand Scanner
AWS Global CDN
Hydrogen Integration
Custom Code adjustments
Expert Support

Moreover, the plan offers versatile consent management tools. The infrastructure benefits from AWS Global CDN, ensuring robust and swift content delivery. Additionally, it embraces the modernity of Hydrogen Integration alongside the flexibility of Custom Code adjustments, backed by expert support.

With the Pro Legacy Plan's pricing of $7.99 now obsolete, users are prompted to explore the current plan offerings upon app access. The transition is designed to be smooth, with our support team ready to guide through the selection process, ensuring a choice that perfectly caters to your operational needs and compliance requirements. The transition not only marks an upgrade in service quality but also ensures adherence to the stringent standards set forth by Shopify, promising an enhanced, future-ready user experience.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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