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Using PageFly with Our App

Integrating the PageFly app with your store's theme can affect the way our app’s scripts function. Understanding how to manage this integration is crucial for ensuring seamless operation and compliance.

Key Considerations for PageFly Users:

Understanding theme.pagefly.liquid:
- PageFly automatically creates a theme.pagefly.liquid file in your store's theme files.
- This file combines your theme’s theme.liquid file with additional settings for PageFly’s functionalities.

Manual Script Transfers:
- If our app’s scripts are added to theme.liquid post PageFly installation, these won’t be auto-transferred to theme.pagefly.liquid.
- Manually copy and paste these scripts into the theme.pagefly.liquid file to ensure they function correctly.

Scripts Reference:
- For a comprehensive list of our app’s scripts, refer to our FAQ: I changed my theme. Should I make some adjustments to the app as well?

Usage of theme.pagefly.liquid:
- This file is specifically for PageFly-created pages with Header/Footer unchecked, and for password-protected pages.

Seeking Assistance:
- For help with integration or any queries, reach out to our support team at, or use the Chat button in your browser.

Ensuring Smooth Integration:

- Pay special attention to script placements when using PageFly alongside our app.
- Regularly check for updates or changes in either app that might affect their interaction.

By carefully managing these settings, you can ensure that your store remains both compliant and user-friendly. Our support team is always available to guide you through any challenges or questions you may encounter.

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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